US Annual Awards for Advancement in Accessibility Winners


The fourth annual Awards for Advancement in Accessibility recognize innovation and achievement in communications technology that benefits people with disabilities. FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler announced the winners:

  • Blind Square won in the category of Augmented Reality with an iOS app that helps blind travelers navigate routes, discover points of interest and network with friends with mutual interests.
  • Google’s no CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA won in the category of CAPTCHA Alternatives and eliminates the need for users to type characters or content of audio clips into a box. The new service provides website security through a risk analysis of the user’s behavior.
  • Convo Lights won in the category of Internet of Things with a VRS application that leverages recent advancements in consumer lighting technology to enable users to customize visual and incoming call notifications to trigger multiple colors, locations and types of lighting in the user’s home and office.
  • Beam Messenger won in the category of Real-Time Text with and app that allows users to communicate seamlessly with text messages on mobile devises. Instead of the traditional turn-based texting this real-time method allows user to come in at any point in the conversation without waiting for the other person to send.
  • AT&T Video Meeting with BlueJeans won in the category of Teleconferencing with a video conferencing solution that extend video collaboration to smartphone, tablet and laptop users and supports a range of mobile clients and platforms, which includes iOS and Android. The service now supports more customers including those with disabilities.
  • Comcast’s Talking Guide won in the category of Video Description with Voice Guidance on the X1 Entertainment Operating System that “speaks” the on-screen user interface allowing users who are blind or visually impaired to navigate the system.
  • OpenAIR, by Knowbility won in the miscellaneous category for their Accessible Internet Rally (AIR) competition that encourages developers to learn about web accessibility and build a prototype website for a nonprofit organization.

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