Uber partners with MV Transportation for wheelchair-accessible service in six cities


It’s illegal for taxi drivers to choose whom to transport, but that doesn’t stop them from avoiding picking up people with disabilities. Some cities offer subsidized trips for those with disabilities, but they require advance booking and take longer than a direct trip because of multiple passengers. Even ride-sharing services have had their share of growing pains, with lack of wheelchair accessible vehicles markedly increasing wait times.

In an effort to combat these concerns, Uber has rolled out a pilot partnership with MV Transportation called UberWAV that promises to make it easier (and as cost-efficient as UberX) for people with disabilities to hail an Uber. MV Transportation will provide the wheelchair accessible vehicles and Uber will connect drivers with passengers. The pilot program will be rolled out in Washington, DC, New York City, Philadelphia, Boston, Chicago, and Toronto.

“It is very costly, but we recognize this is a thing where we can demonstrably transform the way that people have historically thought about transportation, a population of people for whom there have been huge barriers,” said Malcom Glenn, Uber’s head of global policy, accessibility and underserved communities.

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