Purdue Startup Helps Kids with Autism

Children with severe, nonverbal autism may benefit from a technology developed by Purdue University and advanced by SPEAK MODalities LLC. SPEAKall! And SPEAKmore! are iPad apps developed for the company through research by Oliver Wendt, a Purdue assistant professor of speech, language and hearing sciences and educational studies. Wendt has worked with children diagnosed with autism for more than 20 years.

  • SPEAKall! uses photos and symbols that represent what a child wishes to say and helps them construct sentences using those images.
  • SPEAKmore! expands on SPEAKall!’s vocabulary for children who have advanced beyond the capability of SPEAKall!

The free version of SPEAKall! can handle up to 20 symbols, two activity sheets and one learner profile. The premium versions of the app enable enhanced features:

  • Access to different synthetic voices.
  • Unlimited symbols and activity sheet. Two learner profiles.
  • Unlimited symbols and activity sheets. Unlimited learner profiles.

Read Oliver Wendit's profile for more information.

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