Publix rolls out new shopping carts for customers in wheelchairs

Pushing a shopping cart in a wheelchair is a Sisyphean task. However, those with limited mobility shopping at Publix may encounter a much easier experience, thanks to the newly redesigned shopping carts that are designed to hook onto the front of a wheelchair. 9-year-old Amaria Borders, who gets around in her sporty pink wheelchair, was overjoyed with excitement at being able to shop like others she sees in the store. Her mother, Tiffany Borders, couldn’t be happier, remarking "For a long time, I wouldn't let her push the buggy, because it was hard. Her wheelchair would always knock it around, so when we saw this buggy, it was like, 'Yes! Something just for her.’” The redesigned carts will gradually replace the existing assistive ones in store, and include lowered edges to make it easier for shoppers to deposit items and pick them out of the cart.

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