Presumptive State representative advocates for accessibility head on


Potential Arizona state representative Jennifer Longdon is putting yet another face to people with disabilities. Paralyzed 14 years ago in a random drive-by shooting, Jennifer uses a wheelchair to get around. Unfortunately, the government building in which the House conducts business is not fully ADA compliant.

p>Jennifer is unable to reach the speaker floor, which is blocked by three steps, nor can she open the heavy security backdoor without assistance. While well-meaning colleagues have offered to help her navigate around these challenges, the very need for their help highlights the importance of adhering to ADA guidelines. “Longdon should not have to depend on the kindness of others to get around,” said Democratic Chief of Staff Cynthia Aragon. “She needs to be able to move freely in this building just like any other member.”

Longdon has already compiled a list of recommendations to make the building more accessible for employees and has received an invitation to tour the state Senate building to do the same. She hopes that these changes will be yet another small inroad into making all public spaces inclusive.

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