New adaptive underwear line makes the act of getting dressed less stressful


It’s not always the big things that make life the most difficult for people with disabilities. Sometimes it’s the small stuff that can be the most frustrating, perhaps because while seemingly trivial, these tasks can cause such angst. Putting on underwear is one such small task task that can be daunting for a person with a disability.

That’s where Slick Chicks come in. Helya Mohammadian was inspired to create adaptive underwear that was as stylish as it was fashionable after witnessing the trouble her sister had following a brutal cesarean. The Slick Chicks underwear line fastens on either side of the wearer’s upper thigh, so there’s no need for her to slip her legs through the leg holes. "They are really easy as far as putting them on as a wheelchair user; a lot of us have dexterity issues and can't actually pull on normal underwear," says Shannon Dawn, a fan of the line and blogger for the company. "With Slick Chicks, we don't have to worry about [if they are] going to come off or come down, or if they are in the wrong place — and they look good, too."

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