A labor of love can also be good business


Diagnosed with Parkinson’s at 48, Maura Horton’s football coach husband refused to give into the disease and resolutely wore button-down shirts that suited his personal style. However, after a game in 2013 he found himself trapped in a locker room, unable to button his shirt by himself. While a student ultimately helped him that day, he confessed to his wife how dispiriting and frustrating the experience was. This conversation spawned an idea that would eventually become MagnaReady, an adaptive clothing company.

The clothing features easily clasped magnetic buttons to secure the openings together. This simple, yet remarkable patent has allowed thousands of people to maintain a polished look despite their struggle with dexterity. While Maura’s husband has since passed away from Parkinson’s, the stories from people her company has helped keep her going. "It’s never ending, from baby boomers to those living with a stroke or short-term problem," says Horton.

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