IBM’s Cloud-Based Enterprise Accessibility Tools

On Monday, IBM announced its first set of cloud-based enterprise accessibility tools - Digital Content Checker and Automated Accessibility Tester - that provide an easy and affordable way to help enterprises produce accessible content and applications, and integrate accessibility directly into the programming code.

  • Digital Content Checker — Allows anyone, especially those in a marketing organization, to easily upload and verify the accessibility of HTML content or EPUB documents so all clients, employees and constituents encounter no issues when accessing the information in web and mobile applications. The service quickly examines the content, provides a detailed report of all accessibility violations, and then recommends how to fix the issues so the content conforms to standards and regulations before being published. It can also be customized for an organization’s internal content development workflow so accessibility is part of the review and approval process.
  • Automated Accessibility Tester — Incorporates automated accessibility reporting and auditing capabilities directly within the Selenium testing framework. This service improves the quality of the testing environment by adding accessibility checkpoints that run during agile development so any violations can be corrected in DevOps before deployment.

It is IBM's goal to increase the availability of accessibility so organizations can speed development efforts, improve the user experience for web and mobile applications, and help conform to industry standards and government regulations.

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