Helping people are deaf enjoy concerts is “not impossible”


An unassuming craftsman-style cottage in Venice Beach is the home of Not Impossible, a tech company that aims to “look at the world for things that we consider to be absurd, then figure out how we can use technology to solve [them],” in the words of founder and CEO Mick Ebeling. Their “vibro-tactile” vest enables a concert-goer to feel the vibrations of every element of a song in different parts of their body, from the tremulous treble to a booming bass - all controlled by a third party. This vest is yet another example of something that was intended to help people with disabilities, but turns out to be a boon for even the able-bodied. According to Ebeling, “When we started to experiment with this, we didn’t know that many deaf people...So we were experimenting with people who could hear. And people were losing their minds.” Showing no signs of slowing down, Not Impossible is one of the many companies dedicated to harnessing technology to make the world more accessible–and enjoyable–for the millions who live with disabilities. 

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