First Smartwatch App for People with Vision Disabilities

The release of new features for the first smartwatch app for people with vision disabilities was announced by Novartis Pharmaceuticals. The smartwatch app call ViaOpta is a turn-by-turn navigation app that allows users to navigate daily life with greater ease and fits seamlessly into their existing routines.

The additional new features include:

ViaOpta Navigation:

  • Points of Interest Feature: The user can discover points of interest near their location and:
    • Find information about it
    • Set Navigation to it
    • Find information on accessibility facilities around them
  • Extended Map Coverage: Map coverage has been extended worldwide, however it is less in rural areas

ViaOpta Daily:

  • New Object Recognizer Feature: Identifies objects when the user points the devise‚Äôs camera at an object.
  • Addition of Scene Recognizer Feature: When the user points the camera in a specific direction the voiceover will tell them what is in front of them, helping them navigate unfamiliar environments. 

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