Enhanced Version of Kurzweil 3000-firefly

The launch of the newest version of Kurzweil 3000 firefly, an award-winning literacy software, was announced by Kurzweil Education, inc.

Major new features include:

  • High-quality Acapela text-to-speech voices
  • Support for the OpenDyslexic font
  • An updated Optical Character Reader
  • Improved scanning capabilities
  • Ability to read EPUB files, images, and locked files providing a superior reading experience
  • Updates to built-in American Heritage dictionaries
  • Addition of 12,000 new Widgit images in the picture dictionary
  • Vocabulary study guides
  • Translation to over 70 languages to enhance comprehension
  • New and updated writing tools, including updates to word prediction and study guides
  • New academic word lists
  • New writing templates such as Analyzing Informational Text and Determining Important Details
  • Enhancements to the Kurzweil 3000–firefly cloud-based Universal Library that provides educators with a centralized, flexible user-management system and usage reporting
  • New teacher templates, including a UDL Lesson with Kurzweil 3000–firefly and a Common Core State Standards Lesson Plan

Kurzweil 3000-firefly helps all students, including those with learning disabilities like dyslexia and English Language learners (ELL and ESL) learn from the same materials as their peers.

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