The 16th Annual Accessing Higher Ground Conference on accessible media, web and technology in Westminster, CO ends today September 6th at midnight, Mountain Time. Prices will go up about 10%-12% depending on the package, starting tomorrow.

The AHG Conference focuses on the implementation and benefits of Accessible Media, Universal Design, and Assistive Technology in the university, business and public setting. Additional topics include ADA and 508 compliance. The creation of accessible media and information resources will include Web pages and library resources are particular focuses of this event. You may register for the AHG here.

The fourth National Symposium on Informatics (NSI) will be held at King Saud University, Saudi Arabia April 23rd to April 25th . This year’s conference will be based on technology and persons with special needs. Specific themes include:

  • Emerging technologies and development in such areas as health and education
  •  Latest research in computers and technology for persons with various disabilities, such as cognitive, hearing, mobility, and visual impairments
  • Web Accessibility Conformance

Visit the NSI website for a schedule of events and registration information.


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