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Group of people with disabilities, Real People, Real stories, brought to you by the Paciello Group

Real People, Real Stories 2020-E8: Jeff Steinberg, Ministry Singer / Speaker / Author / Motivational Entertainer ADA Consultant

A group of people with various disabilities. Real People, Real stories, brought to you by The Paciello Group

Mark Miller, the host, and his colleague Todd Waites speak with Jeff Steinberg, an entertainer/ministry singer/speaker/author/motivational entertainer and ADA consultant. Jeff elaborates on how he likes to focus on positivity during his motivational speaking events, describing how optimism helped him through his challenging childhood. Todd opens up about becoming as a one-armed keyboard player and Jeff lets it slip how he likes to flaunt political correctness by standing up for himself as a person with a disability. How he never sees his life as handicapped, so why should he dwell on things he doesn’t have?

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