Assessing IT Accessibility Risks in Higher Education

Trying to determine how accessible your campus is can be a daunting task. There are so many business and educational processes to assess, and it will encompass practically every unit within the institution. How do you even begin to determine if you have processes defined and resources allocated to build an accessible IT infrastructure?

One of the recent projects I got to help lead with the EDUCAUSE IT Accessibility Constituent Group was the creation the IT Accessibility Risk Statements and Evidence document. This resource was created by higher education accessibility experts from all over the country to help campus leaders begin to assess where their risks are in their IT accessibility implementations.

The risk statements came from two sources:

  1. The experiences of many institutions in implementing IT accessibility
  2. The findings and requirements from legal actions taken against higher education institutions

This document won’t give you a blueprint for how to make your campus accessible, but it will give you a way to begin a discussion among your campus leaders so that you can create an accessibility plan.

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